By Sheriff Carmine Marceno

The receipt of one’s COVID-19 vaccination…be it the first or the second dose…brings relief and joy to many who have spent the last year in fear of contracting the virus.

Lehigh Acres residents, having received their vaccination(s), may be inspired to express their excitement by sharing photos of their vaccination card on social media. This may not be the best method of celebrating.

Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card contains your date of birth directly below your name.

Although Date of Birth is only one item required for identity theft, criminals who may already have access to other pieces of your information and, providing them with your date of birth just may complete the puzzle.

Prior to posting anything on social media, inspect the contents of the post and photographs to ensure that they do not contain any of your identification numbers, date of birth, place of birth, account numbers, banking information, your physical address, your phone number, employment information, vehicle information, etc.

If you feel like you have become a victim of fraud, call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office fraud line 239-258-3292. Visit the LCSO phone app and Facebook page to keep up with the latest scams and keep informed.

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