Lehigh Acres/East Lee County Sees COVID-19 Relief in Sight – Stay Informed!

By Mike Welch


Lee County Government has partnered with the State of Florida to provide a streamlined platform for Florida residents that will offer appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccine. To date only persons 65 years and older are qualified for the vaccine. However, recently the Governor indicates that the age requirement will be lowered to 60 years of age. To be sure of all current information you can now pre-register at: www.MyVaccine.FL.gov for update emails. The site will give you the up-to-date information and you can now pre-register for getting the vaccine and being informed on your time. Also, if you need more information about COVID-19 vaccine in Lee County please call 1-(866) 200-3468.

Finally – please continue to mask up and social distance.


At the writing the new Administration in Washington is working with Congress for a new relief package that spans many needs in the economy. Area Merchants who will continue to apply for additional assistance will need to carefully watch and be informed once this legislation is passed into law – as early as Mid-March. The East Lee County Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Greater Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce) continues its partnership with the Lee County Office of Economic Development in assisting area businesses. The Chamber’s new website will be kept up to date on these expanded and new programs. See www.elccoc.org or www.leecountybusiness.com.


Angie Voit from Wayne Martin and Son offers us a column on getting ready for “season” – the hot and sticky one. Wayne Martin has been a long-time member of the Chamber. Now is the time to make sure your air condition system in your home is ready for the hot months. Simple maintenance often avoids costly repairs and avoiding trouble with scheduling during the summer months when a/c companies are booked solid. Visit www.waynemartinandson.com or call 239-462-4068


Our state representative, Spencer Roach offers us a column on the state of rage that is being expressed in our society and lives together as a community and as a nation. Representative Roach aptly points out that the vitriol, the anger and the divisions in our country is an alarming sign that the Republic is in trouble. Democracy is never easy. It can be messy and all of us as citizens have a responsibility to listen and respect those how do not always share our own opinions. The Founders of our country embarked on a great experiment in democracy over 240 years ago in time ruled by kings. Representative Roach aptly suggests that we reflect on working to ensure the health and well being of our Republic. He can be reached at Spencer.Roach@myfloridahouse.gov. The annual session of the Florid Legislature begins on March 2nd in Tallahassee and continues till early May.


Our Sheriff Carmine Marceno offers a column on your future vaccination record and the dangers of placing personal information on all social media pages. If you become a victim of fraud give the fraud unit a call at 239-258-3292.

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